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History of the company

The manufacturer of plastic windows “ARLANGA pvc” started its activity in 1999. Constant improvement of production lines while introducing advanced German technologies into production and investment in new equipment has ensured high quality of the products. Professional skills of the employees, sense of duty, responsible attitude to work have guaranteed a constantly widening circle of our clients. We offered and offer to our clients: quality, short terms of production, acceptable price.

It all has conditioned dynamic growth of the company and commits not to stop, improve.

Business of the company

JSC “ARLANGA pvc” produces European (opening into inside) and Scandinavian (opening into outside) type windows. The main partner of the company – one of the leading European manufacturers – the concern of REHAU, providing high quality plastic profiles for the production of windows. German ROTO, Danish PN and IPA hardware are used for mounting hardware. Windows from REHAU profiles are versatile both in their forms and colours, enduring, whereas due to high quality surface windows are easily maintained.

The process of production follows effective standards; all products are marked by CE sign, which points that the product corresponds to the requirements of EU directives.

Today the company export most of its products to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Iceland and other European countries

Membership of associations

JSC „ARLANGA pvc“ is a member of VinduesIndustrien (The Association of Danish Window Manufacturers)