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Most important feel safely. Rest at home or on the road and feel calm, we can offer a wide range of additional security decision-based on your needs. In Lithuania, like other European countries, most burglaries take place within the windows or balcony door, so it is very important for the individual window design safeguards against housebreaking arrangement. Special locks and other security components increase safety and allow you opportunity to everyone from REHAU window profiles increase protection against housebreaking.

Secure locking catch

It is specially designed locking catch, used together with the T-shaped fasteners. Using this locking catch all adjustable windows at the corners practically impossible to lift of the sash.

Secustisk handle

It’s easy to replace your present window handles with new Secustik® window handles. Turn the old handle to the opening position (horizontal). Lift up the cover slightly and turn it to the side, loosen the screw and remove the old handle. Now you can fit the new handle.

You’ll find high quality material, beautiful design and uncompromising function in all HOPPE handles. Secustik® handles feature, in addition, an integrated basic security for your protection. When the handle is turned to various positions, a blocking mechanism engages itself with a precise audible click, thereby impeding movement of the handle from outside. HOPPE’s Secustik® handles fulfil the requirements of the AhS RAL-RG607/13-guideline and unquestionably.

It’s the clearly audible precision clicking, similar to that of a safe-lock, when the handle is turned, that tells you of the security function.The clicking, therefore, is the audible reminder of increased security, giving you the feeling of being increasingly safe at home. Find out more about how the Secustik® handle works and the typical precision sound it makes. Then you can choose one which suits your own personal interior design.

Laminated or hardened glass

Laminated or hardened glass is used both to increase protection against hacking and protection from injury of braking glass package. Hardened glass has increased resistant. Breaks only then hits surface with sharp objects. Glass package breaks into small pieces. Laminated glass is produced by a special bonding between two glasses. After breaking the glass, it stays in one piece.