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History of the company

Plasmeta UAB started it’s operation in 1995 when a new Rotox plastic window production line from Germany was installed on its premises. Upon growing of production demand and increasing of manufacture volumes, production premises have been expanded and production capacity has been increased. New aluminium and wooden window production lines were set up in the expanded production premises. In 2004 Plasmeta was renamed to ARLANGA wood JSC.

Since 2004 ARLANGA wood JSC produces wooden windows, doors, facades and conservatories.

Business of the company

Business of the company is the production of wooden windows and doors. We produce European (inwards opening) and Scandinavian (outwards opening) types windows and doors of various sizes and shapes.

Company manufactures the high-quality production, which is especially saleable in foreign countries. Our production is exported into Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Iceland and etc.

Membership of associations

 Since May 28, 1999 our company is a member of the Republican Association of Windows and Doors Producers. This Association unites the best manufacturers of windows and doors and material suppliers.